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ACTOR-PERFORMANCE SPEAKER praise from the media

Stage Performances…

   Miss Perkins  

   A brilliant performance...displays a tough softness that would either    absorb a bucket of water thrown on her or  I  turn it to steam as if it    were tossed on a sizzling plate. --Daily Variety      

   Performance so powerful that no one in the theatre will ever forget it.     The ovations she gets are richly deserved. Performance like hers is as    important as it is rare. --Hollywood Reporter

   She is exceptional in the complex role, masochist with initiative,    passive manipulator, perversely tender.  --Los Angeles Times


   A highly skilled, remarkable young player...a beauty with eyes that    melt the heart….played with canny know-how and delightful    understanding. --Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

   Two For The Seesaw  

   For Miss Partnow to attempt to recreate the role portrayed on    Broadway by Anne Bancroft is no small challenge. Last night, she    made it!  --Philadelphia Evening Bulletin                                        

   Acrimonious Eye  

   She displays very good Elaine May/Barbra Streisand comic abilities. -   -Daily Variety

   King Lear  (Louisiana Shakespeare Festival)  

   A stand-out as Lear's undeserving daughter, Goneril.  --Jewish Times  

   The Awakening Of Spring  

   Superb...especially Elaine Partnow's free-wheeling model.

   --Women's Wear Daily

   Quite remarkable as the amoral model.

   --Show Business Business Magazine  

   The Year Boston Won The Pennant  

   A memorable, exciting portrait of a roller derby queen... her dime    store hard, humanly-bereft characterization is full of  the stamp and    imprint of life. --Los Angeles Herald Examiner   


   The most varied touching performance in the play...a roller derby    queen of toughness, charm and unsuspected sadness.    

   --Hollywood Reporter

   Butterflies Are Free   

   She is highly gifted…her exuberance, her vitality...are handled with    surety and theatrical aplomb.  It would seem that Miss Partnow cannot    miss on any assignment.

   --Lubbock Avalanche-Journal


   She ought to be hired permanently.  For my money, she makes the    evening. --KCBS/TV

   A Girl Could Get Lucky

   Her acting makes an already funny play a hilarious experience. –   Arkansas Democrat

   A talented young actress who's going to make it big!

   --Memphis Commercial Appeal

   He Who Gets Slapped

   She has a fanciful air, captures the imagination and interest...right    childish tone as doomed circus beauty.  --Los Angeles Times

   Smooth professional portrayal… --Beverly Hills Times

   Bright and colorful as doomed daughter. -- Daily Variety

   Victims Of Duty   

   Seguing slickly from frowzy to sexy, she is a chilling female figure.     –   Hollywood Reporter                                       

   The Last Word  

    A subtle and lively satirist.  -- Los Angeles Times

Living History Portrayals & Public Speaking…

   Full of surprises...a magical and revelatory quality...

      -- University of New Orleans

   Partnow speaks with...a sincerity that can be unsettling.  The best    moments come when she takes on the guises of the women she is    honoring...    --Richard Dodd, The Times-Picayune/States Item

   You were a smashing success...The conference participants were talking    about you all day. – Lisa Raufman, Moorpark College, California

   Your interaction with the audience was superb...  

      – Department of Energy, Spokane

   I would pay five dollars to see her again. – 4th grader

   Your performance...was breathtaking.  I thoroughly enjoyed every    moment of it... -- David Blackwell, Southeastern Louisiana University

   Expert at tailoring her program to a wide range of audiences...  

      – Washington Commission for the /Humanities

   A most fitting and beautiful way to open a literary conference...

      – South Central Conference on Christianity & Literature

   You could not have been more entertaining.

      – County of Los Angeles Public Library

   She is as professional as she is talented.

      – New Orleans Center for Creative Arts


   I can't imagine ever tiring of Elaine's productions... – Susan Herman,    Owner, Interlocken International Camp, New Hampshire

   Evoking laughter and tears...this talented performer kept the audience    enchanted... --Judith Meltzer-Smith, Multi-Arts Resource Specialist,    Seattle Public Schools

   Your Living History was experienced as powerful snapshots of partnership    In women’s lives.  It was beautiful.  Thank you.

      – Riane Eisler, International Partnership Way Conference

   The female voice . . . vibrantly comes to life . . . She provides timeless    pieces of wisdom for both men and women—a real tour de force!

      – Kathy Bellon, Committee for Children, Seattle

   Noteworthy... – Dorothy Brown. Ph. D., Loyola University

   Elaine Partnow brings women's history alive in a magic evening of    theatre that is funny, moving and very entertaining. I highly    recommend it for all audiences. – Dr. Larry Gray, Department of    Theatre, Southeastern Louisiana University

   If you only wish to see one evening of entertainment in a year . .

   DO NOT MISS ELAINE PARTNOW.  You only have to see her once to    remember her forever. She showed us, thank God, why a woman, is a    woman, is a woman!

      – Todd Johnson, Qjo de Lago, Guadalajara/Chapala, Mexico

Whiskey Flats (feature film)  

She never seems to be performing but actually living out her life before our eyes...A refreshingly pretty, normal girl...she becomes truly beautiful, positively glowing from within.

   --Los Angeles Times

One is watching unknown, superb actors… everything is very close to life. -- Albert Johnson, film critic and professor at UC Berkeley; director of 1969 San Francisco International Film Festival

Slipaway (feature film)

Partnow...feels entirely genuine, exuding contentment and delight, but she’s also deft with some of the more challenging emotions that Fall experiences... Partnow is a revelation. The material could feel manipulative, but she convinces viewers that every moment is real.

            –Kimber Myers, Los Angeles Times, September 21, 2017

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