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Elaine Partnow is especially noted for her living history portrayals of three dozen fabulous women, including such renowned and wide-ranging figures as Eleanor Roosevelt and Mae West, Emily Dickinson and Golda Meir. Currently, she just released the first in The Quotable Woman Speaks series, “Global Women,” based on those portrayals. The 53-minute long educational film has garnered three awards: Best Inspiring Woman (Festigious) and two Certificates of Recognition (Accolades and Indie Fest Film Awards).

Elaine’s lead role in the award-winning indie Slipaway has garnered six Best Actress Awards (New York Indie Film Festival; Mindfield Film Festival; Hollywood Film Competition & 11PM Festival, Italy) and another four nominations (Pasadena Int. Film Festival; Int. Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema, Nice; Utah Film Awards).

Her broad range spans from top flight comedic chops to a deep dramatic sensitivity. Her knowledge of basic French and Spanish enables her to do authentic accents, as does having lived in the South for years; she also does New York, Irish, Cockney and British, as well as a broad “European” dialect.

Elaine swims, snorkels and has a PADI license to scuba dive. She loves rock ‘n roll and is a good ballroom dancer. She’s a whiz of a typist, can drive a stick shift and pick-ups, knows how to shoot, has done voiceover work, is a pretty quick study, and always willing to learn something new. She studied with the late, great Uta Hagen, among others, and has an excellent resume.

Elaine also happens to be a writer who has had 17 books published (see www.TheQuotableWoman.com).

Happily married to photographer/videographer Turner Browne, Elaine is deeply involved in family, enjoying her role as sister, aunt and great-aunt, as well as having some of the best friends in the world! Favorite things to do: read, go to the movies, play word games, listen to music, dance–and play with her new pup! Favorite TV shows: Mozart in the Jungle, Orphan Black, House of Cards, Grey’s Anatomy.

Favorite Books: The Chalice & the Blade by Riane Eisler, Anything by Ursula K. Le Guin,  Stieg Larson’s Trilogy, Harry Potter Series, Angle of Repose by William Stegner, and--of course--The Quotable Woman, The First 5,000 Years!